OK, you may think that the title of this post is not original at all. Well, it is not. However, it condenses into two words the specific motivation behind it as well as the primary aim of this brand new BQ Engineering blog: opening our doors to the world.

Like any door, once it is open you can cross it from both sides. Hence, this blog is going to be a place in which we would like to communicate with the world and vice versa.

BQ is a company known for being very concerned about helping users to understand technology in order to use it properly and even develop new things on top of our products.

To do so, a pedagogical way of creating and presenting them is needed and it is for this reason that we are totally committed to education in technology.

As you might suspect, to achieve this outdoors, it is key to ensure that we also apply the same philosophy indoors on a daily basis.

We (engineers), no matter the field we work in (software, hardware…), live in a hyperconnected world where advances in technology and science emerge everyday.

We are used to constantly being at the cutting edge, reading the latest documentation published by giants like Google, Qualcomm, etc. or testing the latest technology.

Such advances do not always come from these big players. Sometimes, what you need to fulfil your requirements comes from a small company or even a standalone developer who, for instance, has solved your current problem by publishing a library on GitHub.

This is another important concept attached to the BQ spirit: the openness of technology and ideas.

Thanks to open projects on software and hardware, technology has gone even further than expected in the last decade and we have all taken advantage of this in some way, either by using or creating these projects (e.g. http://opensource.bq.com/).

Open projects should only be shared when they have a minimum entity and stability. However, sometimes we discover tricks and tips, workarounds or come up with small but really useful ideas that the community could appreciate.

And this is the main purpose of the blog: to be a communication channel with the engineering world in areas such as software, hardware, mechanical design, QA…

We want to publish our daily discoveries here. From small proof of concepts or developments, to whole open source/hardware projects. And of course, we would like to hear your opinions on them because the process of sharing knowledge will help us learn.

You may be wondering about the topics of the posts that we will publish in the coming weeks. Well, our initial idea is to talk about everything related to the development of our products in areas like Mobile devices, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Robotics…

Not only will we cover technology, but also the different methodologies employed in our projects. Keep in mind that BQ is a company founded and managed by engineers. In fact, the development of a product like a mobile device involves more than 180 engineers, so we are certain that we have a lot to share and talk about 🙂

We are eager to see your feedback, and we hope to see you around for many posts to come. Welcome to the BQ Engineering blog!